Out of Africa

Out of Africa Safari Co, a luxury safari travel agency based in Nairobi, Kenya. They organize once-in-a-lifetime adventures to East Africa where guests can stay in posh accommodations and take in the beautiful wildlife and scenery. 

Lighter Than Air

Going back to the bygone era, when hot air balloons and summer festivals were just coming into their own light, we proudly present, ‘Lighter than Air’ Golden Ale.  

Surf Snow Pro

Surf Snow Pro, a premium Eco-friendly fashion company dedicated to delivering on-trend watches and sunglasses. I had the opportunity to work with this brand and develop it from start to finish.

Adventures in Caving

Adventure in Caving is a caving adventure company. This company is family friendly, with an adventurous outlook. I designed everything from the beginning of branding marketing to print and web – all with the use of adventure imagery and vibrant colors. 

Onward & Upward

Onward & Upward is a social media campaign created to prevent homelessness.

Springs Maker Market

Colorado Springs is hosting a spring maker market to promote purchasing Mother’s Day gifts. Logo and 2-sided flyer design. 

Movie Poster Pairing

Objective design two movie pairing posters – pair two movies together that have a common theme. It must contain the movie titles, dates & times, location, and event information. Each poster must have raster texture applied. 

Rookie Phenon

Rookie Phenom is a custom trading card company. My objective was to design a trading card for any sport & team of my choice. I chose The Seattle Mariners. I believe I created a card worthy of collecting by using the branding colors for the Seattle Mariners, incorporating each player’s last names behind their action shot, and including all the necessary information on the back.