Graphic Designer & Web Designer/Developer


Hi, I'm Sarah.

I’m a creative designer based in Colorado Springs. Photography is what drew me to graphic design. I believe photography is a story in itself, each picture can tell you a lot about the person and the emotion. Everyone has a story to tell, and an audience who wants to listen, my job is to bridge the gap between the two. I strive to create graphic designs that emits that same feeling. I design with intention. I love working in this industry because its filled with color and no two days are the same.

Why did you become a creative?

My favorite projects growing up were poster board designs. Where we had to add magazine or newspaper clippings to describe a topic or something about ourselves. Essentially we were creating a mood board, which is a key tool in every project in design. I chose to become a graphic designer and web designer to create more of these projects. Everyday is different in the design world and I can find my inspiration everywhere.

What are your greatest strengths as a professional?

I am dependable, receptive, and energetic. Also, I am a good communicator. Currently, in my position as a graphic designer, I communicate on a daily basis with members of our creative team & Sales and Marketing team. Firstly, I respect and meet all deadlines. Secondly, I listen to what needs to be changed and take support from my co-workers. Thirdly, and most importantly, I am energetic till the very end of each project.

What are your greatest strengths as a designer?

Communication, Communication, Communication. I feel as if this statement is used so many times in the professional world. Communication is so important to me as a designer. I strive to communicate with the client often, with check-ins or proofs. Another strength of mine, is applying critical thinking to each design. It is not enough to create a beautiful or colorful design. Firstly, you must think about how the design is going to impact the viewer, think about what you are trying to represent or sell. Finally, who you are trying to influence with that design or product.